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What’s New in Vertica 8.0.1: Hadoop Enhancements

In Vertica 8.0.1, we have added new enhancements for Hadoop. They are as follows: • Direct Access to hdfs without webhdfs • Support for Partition Columns • Read from Multiple HDFS Clusters • Vioperf Support for HDFS Direct Access to hdfs Without webhdfs With Vertica 8.0.1, now you can use the hdfs URL scheme to […]

19 hrs ago

HPE Vertica Analytics Platform on Microsoft Azure

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4 days ago

Using the Vertica on Azure Free Trial

In August of last year, we announced support for Vertica in the Microsoft Azure Cloud environment. This includes a fully automated cluster deployment from the Azure Marketplace (which can be found here) and also includes our free Community Edition license. Microsoft, like many other public Cloud providers, offers a free trial subscription for users that […]

6 days ago

Machine Learning Series: Linear Regression

The content of this blog is based on a white paper that was authored by Maurizio Felici. This blog post is just one in a series of blog posts about the machine learning algorithms in Vertica. Stay tuned for more! What is Linear Regression? Let’s start with the basics. Linear regression is one of the […]

a week ago

Patented: A Look into Kahlil Oppenheimer’s Summer at Vertica

Kahlil Oppenheimer was a Vertica intern during the summer of 2014. This blog post was authored by him and reprinted with his permission. During the first week of my internship at Vertica, my mentor assigned a small bug for me to fix about a set of particular SQL queries. After writing a simple fix for […]

2 weeks ago

Updating UDx Projects: Syncing the Vertica Plug-in for Eclipse with New Vertica Versions

The Vertica SDK Plug-in for Eclipse version 7.1.2 creates UDxs that are compatible with Vertica version 7.1.x. By replacing two files ( and VerticaSDK.jar) in projects created with this plug-in, you can update your project to work with newer versions of Vertica. You get the replacement files (/opt/vertica/sdk/ and /opt/vertica/bin/VerticaSDK.jar) from your currently installed Vertica […]

2 weeks ago

What’s New in Vertica 8.0.1: Outlier Detection

In Vertica 8.0.1, we’ve added a function called DETECT_OUTLIERS, which lets you identify data points outside a specified threshold. In general, before you analyze your data, you should remove any outliers from the data set. Outliers are data points that greatly differ from other similar data points. Leaving the outlying points in the data set […]

3 weeks ago

New Vertica Community Pages

The Vertica Forum, Knowledge Base, and Blog have new homes! Forum Bookmark and check out our brand new forum site, which uses the Vanilla Forums platform. This move allows us to evolve with HPE as we become a part of Micro Focus and look forward into a new year of innovation. Our forum site has new capabilities and […]

3 weeks ago

Software Engineering Internships at Vertica: Make a Difference This Summer

Vertica is looking for summer interns in Cambridge, MA for 2017! Vertica is the leading Big Data analytics database, and our scale, performance, and simplicity are unparalleled in the industry. Vertica enables customers like Facebook, Twitter, Uber, and Zynga to solve Big Data problems at scale that they could not tackle otherwise. If you study […]

3 weeks ago

Crowd-sourced Reviews Compare Oracle, Vertica, and Others

This blog post was authored by Steve Sarsfield.  Crowd-sourced reviews are becoming more and more important in our lives. When you’re thinking about going to a new job, you check out Glassdoor. If you’re heading out to dinner, you check out Yelp. When buying online, the reviews on Amazon are not only informative, but sometimes hilarious. […]

3 weeks ago