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Filtering Data While Loading into Vertica

Suppose you have a CSV file and you want to copy some, but not all, of its contents into a Vertica table. There are two ways you can to do this: • Use the SKIP keyword with COPY. • Use the head or tail Linux command. Let’s see how this works. The Data Here’s a […]

Vertica SQL on S3 Data Lake

This blog post is based on a LinkedIn article authored by Satish Sathiyavageswaran. It was reprinted here with his permission. Vertica offers a great alternative in the Cloud for data processing. Vertica users can leverage the Cloud for their data-analytics needs, where they can offload large amounts of data in Amazon S3 and use the […]

Vertica Machine Learning Series: Logistic Regression

This blog post is based on a white paper authored by Maurizio Felici. What is Logistic Regression? Logistic regression is a popular machine learning algorithm used for binary classification. Logistic regression labels a sample with one of two possible classes, given a set of predictors in the sample. Optionally, the output can be the probability […]

DataGals Hosts an International Women’s Day Event

This week, the DataGals hosted an event in celebration of International Women’s Day. This year’s campaign asked supporters around the world to #BeBoldForChange to encourage a more inclusive, gender equal world. You can read more about the campaign and influencers on the International Women’s Day site. International Women’s Day celebrates the achievements of women globally, […]

Spark Summit East

This blog post was authored by Myles Collins. I recently went to the Spark Summit East to take the Spark training and get current on the technology that my group (Vertica Partner Engineering) is using more and more. Conveniently, it was held here in Boston. A few weeks after I registered, HPE Marketing decided to […]

Using Vertica on IoT Data: Gap Filling and Interpolation for Incomplete Sensor Data

This post was originally authored by Marco Gessner and appeared on LinkedIn. It has been reposted here with his permission. This article explains the basic gap filling and interpolation functionality in Vertica. Vertica was designed for the fast processing and analysis of huge volumes of data and is well suited to IoT applications. One of […]

Dynamic Row and Column Access Policies

The content of this blog post is based on an article authored by Maurizio Felici. The Vertica Analytic Database access policies act on columns and rows to provide extra security on data in your tables. You can create flexible access policies that limit which users can access certain data by applying the access policy to […]

Vertica Troubleshooting Checklists: Ready to Help

Is your Vertica host running slowly? Are you trying to shut down your Vertica database so you can perform maintenance tasks? Is Vertica not ingesting data from Kafka? Are you accumulating too many delete vectors? No problem, Vertica has you covered with our Troubleshooting Checklists. We’ve been working with the Solutions Architects team for the […]

Vertica Machine Learning Series: k-means

The content of this blog is based on a white paper that was authored by Maurizio Felici. What is k-means Clustering? K-means clustering is an unsupervised learning algorithm that clusters data into groups based on their similarity. Using k-means, you can find k clusters of data, represented by centroids. As the user, you select the […]

Using Vertica on Azure

A lot of customers are starting to explore the idea of reducing infrastructure related costs of their enterprise solutions by migrating them to publicly hosted cloud based environments. With that in mind I am very pleased to announce the official support of HPE Vertica running in the Microsoft Azure cloud environment. This latest step in […]