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Post-upgrade Tasks for Saving Catalog Space

When you upgrade to 7.2 and later, not only can you take advantage of the new features, you can perform tasks to save substantial space in your Vertica catalog.

What’s New in Vertica 7.2.3: Restore Backup to an Alternate Cluster

With HPE Vertica 7.2.3, you can restore a full backup to an alternate cluster. Watch this video to learn how to restore backup data to an alternate cluster when your source cluster is unavailable for any reason. 

What’s New in Vertica 7.2.3: Check Constraints

In the world of big data, it’s often useful to specify requirements that must be met by each column in a database table.

What’s New in Vertica: KEYWORDS System Table

Watch this video to learn about the SQL Keywords system table introduced in 7.2.2!

What’s New in 7.2.3: Automatic Live Aggregate Projection Usage in DISTINCT Queries

HPE Vertica 7.2.3 extends the functionality of using appropriate live aggregate projections with queries to include queries with SELECT DISTINCT and DISTINCT-qualified aggregate functions.

What’s New in Vertica Version 7.2.3?

Watch this video to learn what’s new in version 7.2.3!

Vertica Version 7.2.3 is Live!

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is happy to announce the release of Vertica version 7.2.3!

What’s New in 7.2.2? Apache Kafka Integration

In Vertica version 7.2.2, we’ve enhanced the integration between Vertica and Apache Kafka. In addition to supporting Apache Kafka 0.9, Vertica 7.2.2 introduces features that let you connect to multiple Kafka clusters, as well as process your incoming data. Read on to learn more.

Using Vertica Place to Avoid Cambridge Parking Tickets

Using data sets, the geospatial functionality in Vertica, and R, I was able to create a visualization that provides insight into which metered parking spaces get the most tickets.

Object Replication in Action

Watch this video to learn more about the new object replication feature, introduced in Vertica 7.2 SP2.