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What’s New in Vertica 8.1.1: Introducing Export to Parquet Format

This blog post was authored by Deepak Majeti. Vertica customers often ask the following questions: 1. “We want to keep hot/warm data in Vertica and move warm/cold data to an open file format on cheap external storage. How do we do this? “ 2.”How can we store the results from Vertica in an open file […]

What’s New in Vertica 8.1.1: Cloudera Manager Support

This blog post was authored by Mitchell Tracy. In Vertica 8.1.1, we introduce support for Cloudera Manager. Cloudera Manager is a platform that Hadoop administrators can use to manage their Hadoop cluster. It allows them to see the hosts associated with their cluster, and the different Hadoop services running on the cluster. Cloudera Manager also […]

What’s New in Management Console 8.1.1

Vertica 8.1.1 introduces the ability to run SQL queries on your database through a browser. Management Console (MC) now also highlights new features and Vertica resources when you upgrade, and improves the resources and look and feel of the contextual help. Query the Database Using MC You can now use the Query Runner tool in […]

What’s New in Vertica 8.1.1: Machine Learning

This blog post was authored by Soniya Shah. Vertica 8.1.1 continues with the fast-paced development for machine learning. In this release, we introduce the highly-requested random forest algorithm. We added support for SVM to include SVM for regression, in addition to the existing SVM for classification algorithm. L2 regularization was added to both the linear […]

What’s New in Vertica 8.1.1?

This blog post was authored by Soniya Shah. In Vertica 8.1.1, we introduce new functionality including: • Supported platform updates • Machine learning updates • Management Console enhancements • Apache Hadoop, Apache Kafka, and Apache Spark integration updates • Database management improvements • Workload management • Table data management updates • SQL functions and statements […]