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Machine Learning Mondays: Vertica 9.0 Cheat Sheet

This blog post was authored by Vincent Xu. Vertica 9.0 is out and here is the updated Vertica machine learning cheat sheet. Vertica 9.0 introduces a slew of new machine learning features including one-hot encoding, Lasso regression, cross validation, model import/export, and many more. See the cheat sheet for examples of how to use the […]

Analytic Queries in Vertica

This blog post was authored by Soniya Shah. Analytic functions handle complex analysis and reporting tasks. Here are some example use cases for Vertica analytic functions: • Rank the longest standing customers in a particular state • Calculate the moving average of retail volume over a specific time • Find the highest score among all […]

Compute Engine or Analytical Data Mart for Distributed Machine Learning? Vertica Explains How to Choose

This blog post was authored by Sarah Lemaire. On Tuesday, August 22, The Boston Vertica User Group hosted a late-summer Meetup to talk to attendees about compute engines and data mart applications, and the advantages and disadvantages of both solutions. In the cozy rustic-industrial atmosphere of Commonwealth Market and Restaurant, decorated with recycled wood pallets, […]

Vertica In-Database Approximate Count Distinct Functions Using LogLogBeta

This blog post was authored by Ginger Ni. Counting Distinct Values Data cardinality is a commonly used statistic in data analysis. Vertica has the exact COUNT(DISTINCT) function to count distinct values in a data set, but the function does not scale well for extremely large data sets. When exploring large data sets, speed is critical. […]

What’s New in Vertica 8.1.1: Machine Learning

This blog post was authored by Soniya Shah. Vertica 8.1.1 continues with the fast-paced development for machine learning. In this release, we introduce the highly-requested random forest algorithm. We added support for SVM to include SVM for regression, in addition to the existing SVM for classification algorithm. L2 regularization was added to both the linear […]

Crowd-sourced Reviews Compare Oracle, Vertica, and Others

This blog post was authored by Steve Sarsfield.  Crowd-sourced reviews are becoming more and more important in our lives. When you’re thinking about going to a new job, you check out Glassdoor. If you’re heading out to dinner, you check out Yelp. When buying online, the reviews on Amazon are not only informative, but sometimes hilarious. […]

What’s New in Vertica 8.0.1: Geospatial Improvements

Vertica 8.0.1 is chockful of great new features, two of which expand our geospatial capabilities. First, Vertica has improved performance when building a spatial index of polygons. Prior to 8.0.1, Vertica checked the validity of all polygons before creating or refreshing a spatial index. By eliminating the validity check, the index builds faster. With this […]

The Life of a Query, According to Henry Ford

While Henry Ford did not in fact develop or even patent the modern assembly line (that credit goes to Ransom E. Olds), he relied heavily on the process for automobile production.

Batch Exporting Directed Queries

An earlier blog covered the first edition of directed queries, which appeared with the first release of Vertica 7.2. With each release since then, Vertica has offered various enhancements to directed queries functionality.

Announcing Free Online Vertica Classes!

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is proud to announce a new series of courses as part of our software education services. This new series takes advantage of the expanding functionalities of Massive Open Online Course (MOOCs).