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Updating UDx Projects: Syncing the Vertica Plug-in for Eclipse with New Vertica Versions

The Vertica SDK Plug-in for Eclipse version 7.1.2 creates UDxs that are compatible with Vertica version 7.1.x. By replacing two files ( and VerticaSDK.jar) in projects created with this plug-in, you can update your project to work with newer versions of Vertica. You get the replacement files (/opt/vertica/sdk/ and /opt/vertica/bin/VerticaSDK.jar) from your currently installed Vertica […]

What’s New in Vertica 8.0.1: Geospatial Improvements

Vertica 8.0.1 is chockful of great new features, two of which expand our geospatial capabilities. First, Vertica has improved performance when building a spatial index of polygons. Prior to 8.0.1, Vertica checked the validity of all polygons before creating or refreshing a spatial index. By eliminating the validity check, the index builds faster. With this […]

Vertica 8.0 New Features: UDxs in Python

Vertica 8.0.0 adds the ability to create user-defined extensions using the Python programming language. If you know Python, you can now create your own custom functions that work in your Vertica queries!

Introducing Vertica 7.2!

Want to learn about what’s new in Vertica version 7.2? Read on…

Introducing the Developing Vertica UDxs in Java Tutorial Series

What is a Java UDx and why would you want to develop one? Check out our new tutorial series in the wiki to find out!

Using JDBC Routable Query API for High Concurrency and High Throughput

Does your organization use high-volume short requests that return a small number of results on a single node? Do you deal with low latency and high concurrency queries, and want to achieve high throughput? You could benefit by using the HP Vertica JDBC Routable Query API that uses fewer system resources than distributed queries.

High Resolution Mapping of Biological Diversity with Vertica Place

A central goal in ecology and biogeography is to understand the distribution and diversity of biological organisms. In this blog, we use HP Vertica Place, along with R visualization techniques, to gain insight into biological data.

Using the Vertica ORC Reader with Business Intelligence Tools

What we are going to discuss is the new functionality introduced in HP Vertica 7.1 SP2 that allows customers to access files in HDFS stored in ORC format and achieve significant performance benefits compared to raw text files.

Using Geospatial Data to Perform a Spatial Analysis with Vertica Place – Boston Potholes

Today, more and more cities, companies, and citizen scientists are collecting geospatial data. From industry-leading businesses, to athletes tracking their runs as they train for a marathon, vast amounts of geospatial data are being collected each day. HP Vertica Place can help you analyze your geospatial data and gain insight into real-world challenges.

Gasoline Price Prediction Using Vertica and Distributed R – Part 2: Building the Model

Use two HP Haven products to build a predictive model in R for USA gasoline prices.