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Modernizing Your Data Warehouse with “Sparkitecture”: Vertica at Strata + Hadoop World Conference

In September, Jack Gudenkauf and Deepak Majeti of the HPE Big Data Platform spoke about building enterprise architecture for modern warehouses at the Strata + Hadoop World Conference. Read this post to learn more!

Introducing the Connector for Apache Spark

In Vertica version 8.0.0, we added integration for Apache Spark through our HPE Vertica Connector for Apache Spark. This is a fast parallel connector that allows you to transfer data between Apache Spark and Vertica.

What’s New in 7.2.3: Apache Parquet Reader

In this installment of the What’s New series, we take a look at the new Parquet Reader. Now you can quickly access your Parquet-formatted Hadoop data!


SAP Data Services Offers New Vertica Connector

The latest release of SAP Data Services introduces new technology that makes it easier to integrate SAP with HPE Vertica.

The Right Tool for the Job: Using Apache Hadoop with Vertica for Big Data Analytics

I have an entrepreneur friend who used to carry a butter knife around.  He claimed this “almighty” tool was the only one he ever needed!  While the butter knife does serve a wide range of purposes (especially with a stretch of the imagination), in practice it doesn’t always yield optimal results.  For example, as a screwdriver, it may work for common screws, but certainly not a Phillips (unless you push down very hard and hope not to strip the screw).  As a hammer, you may be able to drive finishing nails, but your success and mileage may vary.  As a pry bar, well, I think you get my point!  Clearly one tool isn’t sufficient for all purposes – a good toolbox includes various tools each fulfilling a specific purpose.

What’s New in 7.2.3: New Apache Hadoop Integration Features

Vertica 7.2.3 adds new features to better integrate Vertica and Apache Hadoop. Learn about direct HDFS access and HCatalog partition pruning here!

Jump Start your BI Dashboard Development with Vertica

Do you develop BI dashboards for HPE Vertica? Or would you like to give it a try?

To help you get started, the Vertica Partner Engineering team has created a set of QuickStart BI sample apps. You can download them for free from the HPE Big Data Marketplace.

Jump Start your ETL Application Development with Vertica

Interested in exploring the Vertica Analytic Database in the context of data movement and transformation? To get a feel for it, try our new ETL QuickStart sample apps. You’ll find them on the Big Data Marketplace. Our Partner Engineering team develops QuickStart apps using tools from our technology partners. Currently we have ETL QuickStarts for […]

What’s New in 7.2.2? Apache Kafka Integration

In Vertica version 7.2.2, we’ve enhanced the integration between Vertica and Apache Kafka. In addition to supporting Apache Kafka 0.9, Vertica 7.2.2 introduces features that let you connect to multiple Kafka clusters, as well as process your incoming data. Read on to learn more.

Vertica and OpenStack

Recently, several different customers have asked about deploying HPE Vertica on an OpenStack cloud platform. This is an interesting situation, so to clear up any misconceptions, first we’ll go through a brief description of OpenStack. Then, we’ll suggest questions that you should ask yourself and your OpenStack administrator when deploying HPE Vertica in an OpenStack environment.