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What’s New in 7.2.2? Apache Kafka Integration

In Vertica version 7.2.2, we’ve enhanced the integration between Vertica and Apache Kafka. In addition to supporting Apache Kafka 0.9, Vertica 7.2.2 introduces features that let you connect to multiple Kafka clusters, as well as process your incoming data. Read on to learn more.

Which One of These is Not Like the Others?

With the new guaranteed uniqueness optimization feature in Vertica 7.2.2, Vertica automatically recognizes when a query is accessing columns with unique values and optimizes the query operations that would otherwise be bogged down due to duplicate values.

Using Vertica Place to Avoid Cambridge Parking Tickets

Using data sets, the geospatial functionality in Vertica, and R, I was able to create a visualization that provides insight into which metered parking spaces get the most tickets.

Classified: FAQs on Access Policies

In Vertica 7.2.2 we’ve added more security features, including a row-level access policy option. Combined with our previously existing column access policy, Vertica verifies that your data is more secure than ever.

Watch Machine Learning for Predictive Analytics in Action

Watch this video to learn more about the Vertica Machine Learning for Predictive Analytics features new in 7.2

What’s New in 7.2.2? Transfer Data with Object Replication

The new object replication feature, introduced in Vertica 7.2 SP2, allows you to replicate tables and schemas from one database to alternate clusters in your organization.

Announcing Vertica Version 7.2.2!

We’re excited to announce the newest Vertica version: 7.2.2! We have a slew of great features for you, some of which I’ll tell you about right now.