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What’s New in Vertica 7.2.3: Restore Backup to an Alternate Cluster

With HPE Vertica 7.2.3, you can restore a full backup to an alternate cluster. Watch this video to learn how to restore backup data to an alternate cluster when your source cluster is unavailable for any reason. 

Sidestepping Catastrophes with Vertica Backup and Recovery

Accidents do happen! Data can become corrupted. It can be unintentionally deleted and, in some rare cases, you can lose all your data.


Do you have a plan B to recover data in a timely manner?


Restoring Objects from a Full Backup

Before Vertica version 7.2, you had two options: perform full backups and restore full backups (remove everything from the storage unit) or perform object-level backups and restore those individually (maintain separate storage units). But as of Vertica 7.2, you can have the best of both worlds. You can perform full backups and restore individual objects from that backup! This means you don’t have to waste time and resources on restoring data that you do not need at the moment.

Always Have a Backup Plan

Why should you always have a backup plan? Because something, inevitably, goes wrong. Whether you experience something as simple as a deleted record, or as serious as a full system deletion, you need a backup.

Backing Up and Restoring Your Vertica Database

Backing up and restoring your database is an important part of basic database maintenance. HP Vertica lets you create both comprehensive and object-level backups. This article highlights the HP Vertica 7.x features that enhance the backup and restore process.