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Vertica Big Data Meetup

Taming the Complexity of Big Data Meetup a Huge Success!

Cambridge Big Data Analytics Meet Up

Interested in working for Vertica or simply learning more about the product? Visit us in Boston Feb 10th!

Big Data Customer Meetup

This past Tuesday marked the first in what will be many Big Data customer meetups happening across the country.

Using Geospatial Data to Perform a Spatial Analysis with Vertica Place – Boston Potholes

Today, more and more cities, companies, and citizen scientists are collecting geospatial data. From industry-leading businesses, to athletes tracking their runs as they train for a marathon, vast amounts of geospatial data are being collected each day. HP Vertica Place can help you analyze your geospatial data and gain insight into real-world challenges.

Using Location Data with Vertica Place

A couple of weeks ago, I went to my favorite museum in the Boston area to see a new exhibition. While I was there, I noticed a lot of visitors walking through the museum using self-guided tours on handheld devices. I knew that the museum rented such devices to visitors, but I hadn’t thought about how the museum could use these devices to gather information about visitor behavior. Because I’ve been working on HP Vertica’s geospatial functionality, HP Vertica Place, I wondered what kind of insight the museum might be able to gather from their visitors’ spatial relationship with the museum and its artwork.

That Giant Sucking Sound is Your Big Data Science Project

Vertica recently hosted its second annual Big Data Conference in Boston, Massachusetts. It was very well attended with over eight hundred folks, and about two hundred companies represented. We at Vertica love these events for a few reasons – first because our customers tend to be our best spokespeople because it’s such a sound product, but also because it’s a chance for us to learn from them.