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Introducing the Connector for Apache Spark

In Vertica version 8.0.0, we added integration for Apache Spark through our HPE Vertica Connector for Apache Spark. This is a fast parallel connector that allows you to transfer data between Apache Spark and Vertica.

Using the Informatica PowerCenter Connector for Vertica

Have you been using the plug-in (Java or Native) that Hewlett Packard Enterprise developed to connect to your HP Vertica database using Informatica PowerCenter? Now there’s a better option that provides additional functionality.

News from Partner Engineering: Informatica’’s Power Exchange for Vertica Connector

Make the most of your HP Vertica and Informatica integration with the new Power Exchange (PWX) for HP Vertica connector. This connector, specific for HP Vertica, was released as part of the hot fix release Informatica PowerCenter 9.6.1 HF2.

Connecting Vertica to DbVisualizer

In our latest video entry, we show you how to connect the DbVis Software database tool, DbVisualizer, to your  Vertica database. DbVisualizer is a database tool that allows you to manage and administer your database visually. To learn more about DbVisualizer, visit their webpage at You can also go to to find more Vertica documentation.

Connecting Vertica 7.x to Tableau Desktop 8.2

Have you ever wanted to visualize your HP Vertica Analytics Platform with graphs, tables, maps, or other formats? The Tableau Desktop by Tableau Software visualization tool lets you do just that in a couple steps. Use the Tableau Desktop HP Vertica specific ODBC driver connector to access your data from HP Vertica and create different views for visual analysis. Watch this video to learn how to connect HP Vertica to Tableau Desktop using both the HP Vertica specific ODBC driver connector and the generic connector.