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HPE VP Susan Arthur Speaks at the BDC

A few weeks ago, women at the HPE Big Data Conference in Boston were invited to attend a Women in Technology breakfast

Troubleshooting Vertica Query Performance with System Tables

Do you want to learn how to troubleshoot your query performance issues?  We’ve got you covered. Just attend the Query Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting Issues session at HPE Vertica’s Big Data Conference.

SAP Data Services Offers New Vertica Connector

The latest release of SAP Data Services introduces new technology that makes it easier to integrate SAP with HPE Vertica.

Analyze Mismatched Series with Event Series Joins

Event series occur in tables with a time column, most typically a TIMESTAMP data type. In Vertica, you perform an event series join to analyze two series in different tables when their measurement intervals don’t align, such as with mismatched timestamps.

Vertica Women at Simmons Leadership Conference March 28-29th, Boston, MA

A few weeks ago, HPE Vertica participated in the 2016 Simmons Leadership Conference, a premier conference for women around the world.

Vertica Big Data Meetup

Taming the Complexity of Big Data Meetup a Huge Success!

Cambridge Big Data Analytics Meet Up

Interested in working for Vertica or simply learning more about the product? Visit us in Boston Feb 10th!

Big Data Customer Meetup

This past Tuesday marked the first in what will be many Big Data customer meetups happening across the country.

SAP Data Services 4.2 SP5 Patch 1 Available

If you are one of our customers who is using the SAP Data Services Drop and re-create table option for template target options, you may have noticed that some of your data types were converted to VARCHAR by default.  With SAP Data Service 4.2 SP5 Patch1, SAP DS now changes data types like INTEGER and […]

That Giant Sucking Sound is Your Big Data Science Project

Vertica recently hosted its second annual Big Data Conference in Boston, Massachusetts. It was very well attended with over eight hundred folks, and about two hundred companies represented. We at Vertica love these events for a few reasons – first because our customers tend to be our best spokespeople because it’s such a sound product, but also because it’s a chance for us to learn from them.