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What’s New in Dragline (7.1.0): Resource Pool Routing

Vertica 7.1.x introduces new features that allow you to dynamically reroute queries to secondary resource pools.

What’s New in Dragline (7.1.0): Active Standby Nodes

An active standby node is a type of Vertica node that does not perform computations or contain data, but exists as a backup, ready to replace a node that’s failed. When the active standby node replaces the failed node, the active standby node performs all the calculations of the failed node.

What’s New in Dragline (7.1.0): Projections with Expressions

When you create a projection, you now have the option to use an expression as a column definition. For example, you can declare a column that sums two variables. When you load data into a projection with expressions, HP Vertica automatically calculates the values according to the expressions and inserts the data into that new projection.

What’s New in Dragline (7.1.0): Top-K Projections

Vertica 7.1 introduces Top-K projections. A Top-K projection is a type of live aggregate projection that returns the top k rows from a partition. 

What’s New in Dragline (7.1.0): Live Aggregate Projections

Vertica 7.1 introduces live aggregate projections. A live aggregate projection is a projection that contains one or more columns of data that have been aggregated from a table.

What’s New in Dragline (7.1.0): Using Vertica Pulse

In our previous video, we showed you how to install Vertica Pulse, our add-on sentiment analysis package that allows you to analyze and extract the sentiment from text.

What’s New in Dragline (7.1.0): Installing Vertica Pulse

Vertica 7.1.0 introduces the general availability of Vertica Pulse, our add-on sentiment analysis package for  Vertica. Pulse provides a suite of functions that allow you to analyze and extract the sentiment from text, directly from your Vertica database. For example, you can use Vertica Pulse to analyze sentiment from Tweets or online product reviews to get a feel for how satisfied your customers are about your products or services.

Introducing Vertica “Dragline”

Today, we announced “Dragline,” the code name for the latest release of the Vertica Analytics Platform. Focused on the strategic value of all data to every organization, “Dragline” includes a range of industrial-strength features befitting its code name for serious Big Data initiatives. Our data sheet provides detailed feature descriptions on this release’s full range […]