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The Right Tool for the Job: Using Apache Hadoop with Vertica for Big Data Analytics

I have an entrepreneur friend who used to carry a butter knife around.  He claimed this “almighty” tool was the only one he ever needed!  While the butter knife does serve a wide range of purposes (especially with a stretch of the imagination), in practice it doesn’t always yield optimal results.  For example, as a screwdriver, it may work for common screws, but certainly not a Phillips (unless you push down very hard and hope not to strip the screw).  As a hammer, you may be able to drive finishing nails, but your success and mileage may vary.  As a pry bar, well, I think you get my point!  Clearly one tool isn’t sufficient for all purposes – a good toolbox includes various tools each fulfilling a specific purpose.

Unlimited Access to Vertica for SQL on Hadoop for Free!

Join the Early Adopter Program for Vertica for SQL on Hadoop to experience the full power of Vertica for SQL on Hadoop without any commitments.

Installing Vertica SQL on Hadoop

Interested in adding Vertica’s analytic capabilities to your Hadoop cluster? Watch this tutorial video to learn how you can install Vertica on Hadoop, giving it faster access to your data!

Release 7.2.0 Changes for the Vertica License Scheme

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has updated its licensing scheme for HPE Vertica. This document describes the changes as of Vertica Release 7.2.0. Beginning with Vertica Release 7.2, the new Premium Edition license replaces the HP Vertica Enterprise Edition license, and includes additional features that Enterprise did not include

Kerberos Authentication for Hadoop Integration: Keeping your data safe

Like all HP Vertica releases, 7.1.2 includes a bunch of new features. One specific feature can help make your HDFS data safer: Kerberos integration for Hadoop. This blog will give you an overview of using Kerberos authentication with HP Vertica for SQL on Hadoop.

Using the Vertica ORC Reader with Business Intelligence Tools

What we are going to discuss is the new functionality introduced in HP Vertica 7.1 SP2 that allows customers to access files in HDFS stored in ORC format and achieve significant performance benefits compared to raw text files.

The Benefits of Vertica for SQL on Hadoop

If you store large data sets in Hadoop, you undoubtedly face many challenges in managing and analyzing that data. Did you know that HP Vertica for SQL on Hadoop can help ? Check out the scenario that follows to learn how.

New Vertica for SQL on Hadoop Features

HP Vertica is excited to announce new features for HP Vertica for SQL on Hadoop in HP Vertica version 7.1.2. Most notably, we’ve added Kerberos integration for Hadoop, and the ability to directly read ORC files.

Facebook and Vertica: A Case for MPP Databases

I have just come back from a business trip to China where I visited several large Chinese telecom customers to talk about the recent big Vertica win at Facebook. Two questions these customers had constantly asked me were: What’s the future of MPP databases? Will Hadoop become one database that rules the whole analytic space?