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Using Big Data Analytical Tools for Predicting Potential Global Distribution of an Amphibian Pathogen

During the summer of 2015, I participated in an internship program with HP Vertica. Most interns assisted in software development, but my primary goal was to use HP Vertica, HP Vertica Place, and HP Distributed R to address an ecological problem

High Resolution Mapping of Biological Diversity with Vertica Place

A central goal in ecology and biogeography is to understand the distribution and diversity of biological organisms. In this blog, we use HP Vertica Place, along with R visualization techniques, to gain insight into biological data.

Vertica and Qlik Team Up to Hack for a Cause

On November 17 2014, Vertica took part in the annual Qlik Hackathon in Orlando, Florida. The hackathon, which took place the day before the Qlik World Conference, brought together engineers, developers, and Qlik experts from all over the world. The challenge was simple: leverage features from Qlik and its partners to create an application to aid the United Nations in their commitment to maintain international peace and security.

Why Do My License Audits Show A Significant Size Reduction?

When you run a database audit, you may notice that your HP Vertica audit size has reduced from the audit size calculated before you upgraded to version 7.1 SP2. Don’t worry, you haven’t lost any data. The size reduction is due to storage changes related to licensing.

The Benefits of Vertica for SQL on Hadoop

If you store large data sets in Hadoop, you undoubtedly face many challenges in managing and analyzing that data. Did you know that HP Vertica for SQL on Hadoop can help ? Check out the scenario that follows to learn how.

Using Geospatial Data to Perform a Spatial Analysis with Vertica Place – Boston Potholes

Today, more and more cities, companies, and citizen scientists are collecting geospatial data. From industry-leading businesses, to athletes tracking their runs as they train for a marathon, vast amounts of geospatial data are being collected each day. HP Vertica Place can help you analyze your geospatial data and gain insight into real-world challenges.

Configuring Vertica for a Multi-Tenant Solution

One of the more interesting and popular HP Vertica solutions that I’ve come across is the so-called multi-tenant implementation. A multi-tenant database is simply a database designed to support multiple unique customers. Often, these customers interact with the database through some sort of web interface which uses an HP Vertica database in the backend.


Who Likes Duke? Applying Sentiment Analysis and Media Analytics Platform to College Basketball

Where are your fans? Where are your detractors? What are people saying about your team? And how does that information change in response to events and time? Those are a few of the questions that HP data scientist Manolo Garcia-Solaco attempted to answer when the Wisconsin Badgers faced the Duke Blue Devils in the finals of the NCAA basketball championship.


Using Location Data with Vertica Place

A couple of weeks ago, I went to my favorite museum in the Boston area to see a new exhibition. While I was there, I noticed a lot of visitors walking through the museum using self-guided tours on handheld devices. I knew that the museum rented such devices to visitors, but I hadn’t thought about how the museum could use these devices to gather information about visitor behavior. Because I’ve been working on HP Vertica’s geospatial functionality, HP Vertica Place, I wondered what kind of insight the museum might be able to gather from their visitors’ spatial relationship with the museum and its artwork.