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What’s New in 7.2.3: Automatic Live Aggregate Projection Usage in DISTINCT Queries

HPE Vertica 7.2.3 extends the functionality of using appropriate live aggregate projections with queries to include queries with SELECT DISTINCT and DISTINCT-qualified aggregate functions.

Improving COUNT DISTINCT Performance with Live Aggregate Projections

Today’s organizations need to be able to measure the effectiveness of online ads and marketing campaigns. In your particular organization, you may want to measure how effectively your ads drive unique visitors to your website. Or you may want to see if your ads drive repeat visits from the same user over a specific period of time.

What’s New in Dragline (7.1.0): Projections with Expressions

When you create a projection, you now have the option to use an expression as a column definition. For example, you can declare a column that sums two variables. When you load data into a projection with expressions, HP Vertica automatically calculates the values according to the expressions and inserts the data into that new projection.

What’s New in Dragline (7.1.0): Top-K Projections

Vertica 7.1 introduces Top-K projections. A Top-K projection is a type of live aggregate projection that returns the top k rows from a partition. 

What’s New in Dragline (7.1.0): Live Aggregate Projections

Vertica 7.1 introduces live aggregate projections. A live aggregate projection is a projection that contains one or more columns of data that have been aggregated from a table.

Live Aggregate Projections with Vertica

The Dragline release of HP Vertica offers an exciting new feature that is unique in the world of big data analytics platforms. We now offer Live Aggregate projections as part of the platform. The impact is that you can really fly through certain types of big data analytics that typically grind down any analytics system.