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Vertica and OpenStack

Recently, several different customers have asked about deploying HPE Vertica on an OpenStack cloud platform. This is an interesting situation, so to clear up any misconceptions, first we’ll go through a brief description of OpenStack. Then, we’ll suggest questions that you should ask yourself and your OpenStack administrator when deploying HPE Vertica in an OpenStack environment.

Vertica Partner Engineering at MicroStrategy World 2016

A highlight for the Vertica Partner Engineering team is the opportunity to participate in technology conferences where we meet our partners and customers face to face. At these events, we are able to deepen the collaborative relationships that we have with our existing partners and explore new partnerships for HPE Vertica.

Jump Start your BI Dashboard Development

Do you develop BI dashboards for HPE Vertica? Or would you like to give it a try?

To help you get started, the Vertica Partner Engineering team has created a set of QuickStart BI sample apps.

Vertica Technology Partners Tested with 7.2

Hewlett Packard Enterprise recently released a new version of Vertica, 7.2.x.

Using the Vertica ORC Reader with Business Intelligence Tools

What we are going to discuss is the new functionality introduced in HP Vertica 7.1 SP2 that allows customers to access files in HDFS stored in ORC format and achieve significant performance benefits compared to raw text files.