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What’s New in Vertica 8.0: Machine Learning Enhancements

Overall, you will notice that Machine Learning for Predictive Analytics, introduced in Vertica 7.2.2, is more accessible and intuitive to use in Vertica 8.0. The API has been streamlined, and it’s easier to get up and running. Also, there are additional options for data preparation.

What’s New In Vertica 8.0.0: Tuple Mover Can Run During Recovery

 If a database node is in the RECOVERING state, Tuple Mover can perform moveout and mergeout operations as needed during the recovery.

Introducing the Connector for Apache Spark

In Vertica version 8.0.0, we added integration for Apache Spark through our HPE Vertica Connector for Apache Spark. This is a fast parallel connector that allows you to transfer data between Apache Spark and Vertica.

Introducing Vertica Version 8.0!

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is excited to announce the release of Vertica version 8.0.0! This release include a slew of new features, improvements, and integration options. Below are just a few of the features to expect with version 8.0.0.


What’s New in Vertica 7.2.3: Check Constraints

In the world of big data, it’s often useful to specify requirements that must be met by each column in a database table.

What’s New in 7.2.3: Automatic Live Aggregate Projection Usage in DISTINCT Queries

HPE Vertica 7.2.3 extends the functionality of using appropriate live aggregate projections with queries to include queries with SELECT DISTINCT and DISTINCT-qualified aggregate functions.

Vertica Version 7.2.3 is Live!

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is happy to announce the release of Vertica version 7.2.3!

What’s New in 7.2.2? Apache Kafka Integration

In Vertica version 7.2.2, we’ve enhanced the integration between Vertica and Apache Kafka. In addition to supporting Apache Kafka 0.9, Vertica 7.2.2 introduces features that let you connect to multiple Kafka clusters, as well as process your incoming data. Read on to learn more.

Classified: FAQs on Access Policies

In Vertica 7.2.2 we’ve added more security features, including a row-level access policy option. Combined with our previously existing column access policy, Vertica verifies that your data is more secure than ever.

Watch Machine Learning for Predictive Analytics in Action

Watch this video to learn more about the Vertica Machine Learning for Predictive Analytics features new in 7.2