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Explore our video tutorials to learn how to get the most out of your HP Vertica Analytics Platform.

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Best Practices: Native Connection Load Balancing

Watch this best practices video to learn more about HP Vertica native connection load balancing and how to enable and disable it on the server and client.

Best Practices: Resource Management

Watch this best practices video to learn more about resource management in HP Vertica.

Best Practices: Identifying Queries for Database Designer

Watch this best practices video to learn how to identify queries to use with database designer.

HP Vertica Storage Location for HDFS

Watch this video for an overview of the HP Vertica Storage Locations for HDFS feature and an example of how you can use it to free storage space on your HP Vertica cluster.

Configuration Parameter Storage

HP Vertica 7.1 introduces a new way of storing configuration parameters. As of 7.1, configuration parameter values are stored in the database catalog, rather than just in individual vertica.conf files on each node. This new storage procedure presents a variety of benefits. Watch this video to learn more!

Setting and Clearing Configuration Parameters

As of 7.1.1, the new setting and clearing methods allow you to configure any one node’s parameter values from any other node. Use our new SET and CLEAR keywords with the ALTER statements to take advantage of this feature. With ALTER SESSION, ALTER NODE, and ALTER DATABASE, you can set and clear multiple parameters from any node.

Connecting HP Vertica 7.x to Tableau Desktop 8.2

Watch this video to learn how to connect your HP Vertica database to Tableau Desktop using the HP Vertica specific ODBC driver connector or a generic connector.

Introducing Active Standby Nodes

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