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Web Based Training

Welcome to Vertica’s online training site. Members of the Vertica Community have free access to our growing collection of web-based training content. Content is organized into multiple modules to enable you to access and view the content that is of interest to you.

Please visit this section frequently for new course content as we continue to leverage your suggestions for new modules.


  • Introduction to eLearning: Colin Mahony, HP Vertica General Manager, welcomes you to the Vertica eLearning program. Please provide your feedback here.
  • The Building Blocks of Vertica: Learn about the physical architecure of a Vertica cluster, and the six foundation elements of Vertica that make it a unique and powerful platform. Please provide your feedback here.

Installation and Setup

  • Installing Vertica and the Management Console: Learn how to unpack and install the Vertica Analytics platform and the Management Console tool. Please provide your feedback here.
  • Creating a Database: Learn how to create a new database using both the admintools interface and the Management Console tool, and how to create a schema into a database using vsql. Please provide your feedback here.
  • Loading Data: Learn how Vertica’s Hybrid Storage Architecture is used to speed the loading of data; how to monitor a data load in progress; and how to troubleshoot data loading issues. Please provide your feedback here.

Vertica Storage Architecture

  • Introduction to Projections: Receive an overview of the Vertica storage architecture and how to create the key elements within that architecture to contain data. Please provide your feedback here.
  • Query Execution: Learn how queries are managed by Vertica’s distributed database, using the least resource-intensive method to execute them quickly and efficiently. Please provide your feedback here.

Vertica Analytics Functions

  • Introduction to Analytics: Learn how to structure an analytic query, and become acquainted with the advantages of analytic queries; understand the order in which analytic functions process database information. Please provide your feedback here.
  • Event-Based Analytics: Event-based analytics functions are Vertica-proprietary extensions beyond the ANSI-99 supported analytics tools. Learn about the features, benefits, and usage of Vertica’s event-based analytics functions to evaluate data. Please provide your feedback here.
  • Timeseries Analytics: When data with a timestamp is gathered, it often has gaps between events. Vertica provides analytic tools that allow you to interpolate values of missing data. Learn how Vertica interpolates the intervals and values for missing time series data. Please provide your feedback here.

Vertica Workload Management

  • The Vertica Resource Manager: In order to most efficient process queries, Vertica assigns each query to a built-in resource pool. Learn about how query workloads are managed used the built-in pools, and the configuration parameters for each of these pools. Please provide your feedback here.
  • User-Defined Resource Pools: Learn how to create a new resource pool, and how to assign the queries from specific users to a particular pool. We recommend you first take the Vertica Resource Manager web-based module. Please provide your feedback here.


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