Database Designer

After you have created a new database, you want to create a physical design that allows the database to run efficiently, but without using too much physical storage. The best way to create a physical design for your database is to run the Vertica Database Designer (DBD).

What is Database Designer?

Database Designer (DBD) uses sophisticated strategies to create a design that provides excellent performance for ad-hoc queries and specific queries while using disk space efficiently. During the design process, DBD analyzes the logical schema definition, sample data, and sample queries, and creates a projections in the form of a SQL script that you deploy automatically or manually. This script creates a minimal set of superprojections to ensure K-safety.

How Database Designer Works

The DBD creates a physical database design based on sample queries and data that you provide. For more information, see Database Designer in the Vertica documentation.

Learn More

For comprehensive information about working with Database Designer, see Creating a Database Design in the Vertica product documentation.