Installing Vertica

This topic walks you through installing Vertica. Before you start the installation process, be sure to read the Before You Begin topic in this series.

Installation Options

Although we offer different Vertica editions, the methods of installation are relatively the same across editions. Depending on your preference, you can install your version of Vertica in one of several ways:

  1. Install Vertica using the command line, then install Management Console (MC) and import the cluster, as this topic describes.
  2. Install Vertica using the command line, but don’t install MC by following this topic but bypassing the MC instructions.
  3. Install MC, and from MC install Vertica on one or more hosts as described in Creating a Cluster Using MC.

For this tutorial, we’ll step through option 1.

Looking to upgrade? See Upgrading Vertica in the Vertica documentation..

Downloading and Installing the Server Package

To get started on the installation process, follow the instructions to Download and Install the Vertica Server Package in the Vertica documentation.

Installing Vertica with a Script

Run the install script after you have installed the Vertica package. The install script is run on a single node, using a Bash shell, and it copies the Vertica package to all other hosts (identified by the –hosts argument) in your planned cluster. To read more about the script and installation, see Installing Vertica with the Installation Script in the Vertica documentation.

Installing Management Console

You can install Management Console (MC) before or after you install Vertica. For more information, see Installing and Configuring Management Console in the Vertica documentation.

Learn More

For more in-depth details about Vertica installation, including instructions to uninstall Vertica, see the Vertica Installing Vertica Guide.