Loading Data – The Basics

Vertica gives you many options for loading data into your database.

The COPY Statement

Before you attempt to load data into your Vertica database, you should have a basic understanding of the Vertica COPY statement.

The Vertica COPY statement:

  • Loads data into a Vertica database
  • Can load parsed or computed data
  • Loads data to WOS (in memory) and spills to ROS (on disk) if needed
  • Can load directly to ROS if specified
  • Can trickle load data
  • Can load directly from a client system

For more information, see COPY in the Vertica documentation

Choosing a Load Method

With the COPY statement, you have load method options. For more information, see Choosing a Load Method in the Vertica documentation.

Learn More

To learn more about loading data into Vertica, see the documentation.