Security and Authentication

Implementing strong security measures provides Vertica users the assurance that access to sensitive information is closely guarded. This topic discusses various Vertica security techniques.

Authentication Overview

Vertica uses several approaches to manage data access, including client authentication, server authentication, and user authentication. For more information, see Security and Authentication in the Vertica documentation.

How Client Authentication Works

When a user or client application connects to the Vertica database server, they supply a unique user name and a means of authentication, such as a password or security certificate. For more information, see Client Authentication in the Vertica documentation.

Types of Client Authentication

The database server uses client authentication to establish the identity of the requesting client and determines whether that client is authorized to connect to the Vertica server using the supplied credentials.

  • Hash password
    Allows the DBADMIN to use the MD5 algorithm or the more secure algorithm, SHA-512, to store user passwords.
  • Ident
    Authenticates the client against the username in an Ident server.
  • Kerberos
    Uses symmetric encryption through a trusted third party, called the Key Distribution Center (KDC). In this environment, clients and servers validate their authenticity by obtaining a shared secret (ticket) from the KDC, after which clients and servers can talk to each other directly.
  • LDAP
    Works like password authentication except the LDAP method authenticates the client against a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) or Active Directory server.

Client-Server Authentication

Client-server authentication methods define how clients connect to a Vertica server.

Vertica uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) to establish a secure connection between the client machine and the server. For more information, see Implementing Client Authentication.

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