Vertica Troubleshooting Checklists

The following checklists provide guidance on how to identify and resolve database and cluster issues quickly and independently. We are hoping these checklists will help you avoid a support call.
Don’t see your problem here? Keep checking because we are always adding new checklists, or contact Vertica Best Practices Team.

Performance Tuning

Database Node Down
Database Process Not Starting
Manage Delete Vectors
Catalog Size Debugging
Database Slow Performance
Query Performance
Vertica Maintenance

Node Does Not Connect to Spread
Node Recovery is Slow
Shut Down Vertica Node for Maintenance
AHM or LGE Are Not Advancing
Expand Your Cluster with New Nodes
Upgrading Vertica
Cluster Troubleshooting

Debug Vertica Host Network Connectivity
Vertica Host is Down
Vertica Host is Slow
Storage Not Accessible, Vertica Fails to Start
Rebalance Taking a Long Time
Integration With Vertica

Vertica not Ingesting Data From Kafka
Saving an Apache Spark DataFrame to a Vertica Table