Customer Support

HPE Vertica’s industry-leading ease of use and automated database design, configuration, and management are just the beginning of our commitment to customer support. When customers contact us for support, we strive to ensure the process is as simple and as straightforward as using our products.

Staffed by highly skilled industry veterans, the Vertica support team is prepared to respond quickly and effectively to any inquiry or request.

Our Premium Support Program provides tools for case management and prioritization, maximizing the efficiency of any support interaction. Additionally, the myVertica support portal provides technical documentation, software downloads, and expert knowledge base, and online training materials to help you manage the Vertica Analytics Platform.

Contacting Technical Support

Phone: +1-844-260-7219  say “Software” then “Vertica” when prompted

Need additional assistance with your case?

Is your case not progressing as you would like?  Use one of forms of contacting support above and request a “Duty Manager” to discuss your case progress.

Is your case Critical or need to be escalated?  Call the above support line following the standard prompts, then request that your case be “Escalated and/or made Critical”.

Case Priority Priority Definition
Critical The software has complete loss of service for which no known workaround exists.  The customer’s use of the software cannot reasonably continue until the problem is resolved.
High The software is causing significant or degraded loss of customer’s use.  This can be defined as a major product flaw with a workaround.
Medium The issue has normal time criticality, delivery is not imminent, and there is little or no work stoppage resulting from this issue.