Vertica Professional Services

Vertica implementation engineers, consultants, and architects are certified experts with vast experience in database management, schema design, and data warehousing principals. We are committed to your success and can help you achieve business results faster, lowering your IT development and maintenance costs, and giving you a competitive edge in the marketplace. Our implementation engineers work side-by-side with you in design sessions and during the development of key technical components. This allows your team to directly participate in creating the application and vision for your business needs. We have one objective that drives everything we do: to help you achieve your goals and have you become a customer for life.

Vertica Health Check Service

Duration 2 days onsite, 4 days of off-site analysis
Cost $15,000 (plus travel expenses)

To help ensure your success with Vertica, we recommend the Vertica Health Check service, approximately 3-6 months after you go live with your production system. The Health Check offers an onsite, multi-point system review of the following:

  • Hardware
  • OS configuration
  • Physical design
  • Logical design
  • Maintenance and monitoring practices
  • Data loading profile

The outcome of the engagement is a detailed Health Check report, with analysis and recommendations meant to help get the most value from the Vertica platform.

Download Vertica Health Check Service Data Sheet

Vertica 5-Day QuickStart Service

Duration 5 days to be used onsite or remote
Cost $12,500 (plus travel expenses)

Through our 5-Day QuickStart service, our consultants can offer a variety of other services, which can include the following activities undertaken over the course of the 5-day engagement:

  • System Installation and Configuration
  • Cluster Maintenance
  • System Upgrade
  • Performance Tuning
  • Data Loading Assistance
  • Backup and Recovery Assistance
  • Pre-production Testing and Go Live Assistance

Download Vertica 5-Day QuickStart Data Sheet

Vertica Developer Workshop

Duration: 4 Days of live classroom instruction
Cost (U.S.): $12,000 (plus travel expenses)
Target Audience: Developers

Workshop Description:

The Vertica Developer Workshop is a facilitated Services session to educate developers on the capabilities of the Vertica Enterprise Edition solution.

Topics Covered Include:

  • In-depth Vertica Internals
  • Data Loading
  • Query Tuning
  • External Procedures
  • User-Defined SQL Functions
  • UDX

Prerequisite Knowledge and Experience:

  • At least one year of experience working in a Linux environment
  • Working knowledge of SQL
  • Familiarity with database design concepts

Download Vertica Developer Workshop Data Sheet

Vertica System Architecture and Design Service

Duration: 5 days
Cost (U.S.): $12,500 (plus travel expenses)

Service Description:

This service provides you with onsite technical assistance for System Architecture and Design assistance or mentoring discussions with your employees.

Common activities include:

  • Client specific design based on use case analysis.
  • Discuss HP Vertica architecture and best practices.
  • Develop strategies for data loading, data retrieval, and configuration.
  • Evaluate new system architecture or validate existing system architecture.
  • Document recommended architecture.

Download Vertica System Architecture and Design Service Data Sheet

Vertica Performance Tuning Consulting

Duration: 5 days
Cost (U.S.): $12,500 (plus travel expenses)

The Vertica Performance Tuning Consulting Service provides on-site technical assistance to review Vertica cluster configuration and design and make suggestions for improving data load and/or query durations. The Vertica consultant will work with you to detect and optimize performance bottlenecks.

Common activities include:

  • Enable execution engine profiling.
  • Run identified queries while obtaining baseline durations.
  • Analyze query profiles to identify the performance bottleneck.
  • Implement change(s) to resolve the bottlenecks/issues.
  • Run the queries to determine new durations.
  • Iterate through the process to further increase performance.
  • Mentoring customer about the process and reasoning behind the analysis.

Download Vertica Performance Tuning Data Sheet

EDW Migration Assessment Service

Duration: 5 days

Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Modernization and Migration Assessment Service for Vertica facilitates the migration journey to Vertica from Oracle, Netezza, Teradata, DB2, SQL Server, Redshift, PostgreSQL or other EDW platforms or databases. The service provides an assessment of data, data processes, and applications that access the data at source platform during the length of the engagement. Services may include assessment by Vertica Professional Services of the customer’s migration objectives to help define the migration scope, as well as the development of a high-level strategy that aims to mitigate the potential risks of data migration. The outputs of the Vertica Data Migration Assessment Service may then serve as basis for subsequent design and implementation projects, such as those offered by the Vertica Deployment and Migration Implementation Services or QuickStart Services.

Download EDW Modernization and Migration Assessment Service Brief

Cloud Migration Service

Vertica Cloud Migration Service from Vertica Professional Services helps you overcome these challenges to execute a seamless migration of your Vertica platform onto the cloud of your choice, such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, etc.

Download Cloud Migration Service Brief

Parallel Streaming Transformation Loader Solution

Parallel Streaming Transformation Loader (PSTL) Solution from Vertica Professional Services is a Big Data solution that dramatically reduces both the time and latency involved in real time data collection, loading, and transformation.

Download PSTL Solution Brief